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«Our mission - to produce safe and effective feed additives»

Operating both on Ukranian and European markets, Karavans Fodder Yeast Plant specializes in the produce and trade of inactive dry fodder yeast .

Among valuable feed additive sand materials, fodder yeast is one of the richest products in respect of high quality digestible protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino-acids and simultaneously serves as a substantial energy source. It improves and balances the efficiency of feedstuffs and promotes animals' growth.    

The quality and safety of our products is confirmed by veterinary certificates and is continually tested by independent laboratories, which directly contributes to the great value of animal feed manufactured from our yeast.


Classical after alcohol yeast - that we produce and trade is grown under carefully controlled conditions. Therefore, the fodder yeast which we provide makes a complete ecological and healthy product to meet the demands of natural stock breeding. It is entirely free of GMO feed additives and the levels of heavy metals stay much below the acceptable amounts according to the EU norms. We ensure storage conditions that meet the European requirements.

Karavans Fodder Yeast Plant has an experience that made it has grown to become a leader in the export of fodder yeast and wholesale. Currently we are working on extending our offer for further ecological feed additives of high quality, which make the pet food is much healthier, and translates into a higher efficiency of animal feed.

Cooperating with us you get:

High-quality natural product that does not contain GMOs
Competitive prices
Express documentation and shipment
Discounts on condition of repeat purchases

OUR MISSION - to produce safe and effective feed

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After-alcohol Fodder Yeast

After-alcohol Fodder Yeast - Is an effective, environmentally friendly feed additive, consisting mainly of protein, which is using for feeding the livestock and poultry.Plant

"Karavans Fodder Yeast Plant" -uniqueness manufacturer of natural fodder yeast in Ukraine, which operates on the specifications and produces a natural product, which is technology standards.

Production sites " Karavans Fodder Yeast Plant " are in the Kharkiv region, in proximity close to alcohol production plant , so the main raw material for feed yeast is alcohol barda- supplied via pipelines directly from the distillery. The plant bard passes the entire process of fermentation, drying and packaging of the finished product. Fodder yeast of good quality are obtained when the process is not interrupted.

With its own production base and modern laboratory equipment, we are constantly improving the production and compounding. Our specialists are constantly interacting with leading scientific - research institutes in the field of biotechnology feed additives produced by microbiological synthesis and advanced feeding technologies.

Given the fact that our company has a long history, yeast cultivation process we are constantly improving. During all this time, the use of fodder yeast in the meat and poultry industry has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness in practice.

Composition of amino acid is in fodder yeasts on 100mg of standard

Arginine (HPLC)  g/100g 1.5 
Seryne (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 3.59
Cystine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 0.8
Glycine (HPLC) Q  g/100g 1.3
Histidine (HPLC) Q  g/100g 0.92
Iso-leucine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 1.1
Leucine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 3.7
Lysine (HPLC) Q  g/100g 1.2
Methionine (HPLC) Q  g/100g 0.8
Proline (HPLC) Q  g/100g 3.0
Tyrosine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 1.42
Valine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 1.61
Alanine (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 2.25
Aspartic acid (HPLC)  Q  g/100g 1.98

Recommended rates of putting the fodder yeast to animal feed per head per day:

Cattle (cows, bulls) 500-800 gram per day
Yong cattle 300-400 gram per day
Calves 200-300 gram per day
Sows 300-400 gram per day
Breeding pigs 200-300 gram per day
Pigs for fattening 150-250 gram per day
Adult poultry 5 gram per day
Chickens 2 gram per day

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